Tecmentor has been providing interim management services to technology companies for over a decade. There are many facets to those services but the recurring feature is to help steer the sales process from early adopters through to brand leadership (however niche) with the least pain possible.

Typically the relationship is at board level with a small equity involvement. It begins pre-incorporation whilst the technology is at the R&D stage or the project is being conceived. The assistance provided ensures the corporate structure that emerges is fit for the founders, fit for the follow on team members and fit for investors.

Fund-raising is a key feature of the activity and by maintaining an innovative approach Tecmentor will avoid the business being inappropriately stifled downstream with historic debt burdens. Contacts are key and for many technology businesses the contacts in the USA that Tecmentor maintains are mission critical.

Most businesses are formed with a view to a liquidity event. Technology businesses are no exception but need a specialist to get the time and circumstance right – by design. Whether the targeted realisation comes through a trade sale of the business, a buy in from second round investors or establishing a market for shares Tecmentor will play a full role.